Thursday, October 21, 2010

D-Day for Group project

Thursday, 7th October 2010. 7.10pm.
Back to our usual meeting place at SengKang MacDonalds. Staff getting used to seeing us here. Same work area too. We have set ourselves a target of 8.30pm to upload our project. We worked feverishly doing our final editing and putting photographs/pictures together. We had fun looking at our individual photos depicting our 5 core initiatives.
Things were falling nicely into place. However, 8.30pm came and went. Missed our target! Then, Vincent's laptop, on which we were working, ran out of juice! Never mind, we had Jihan's to work with.
We had so much trouble trying to run the video on Jihan's laptop. Wan Lee's husband who had been waiting patiently for her in the car with their daughter who by the way, had fallen asleep (8.30pm target remember!) came to our resecue. He worked his magic and managed to run/save the video on Jihan's computer. At the same time, Jeanette managed to do the same on her laptop.Then, just as we thought the worst was over, Jihan's laptop was giving up on her. And Jihan did not have her adaptor ! It was left in school!Oh No!
Finally at 10.30pm, Jeanette uploaded the project - minus the video. Jeanette or Jihan would send it over on Friday-deadline day.
At close to 11 pm, 5 bleary-eyed and weary teachers made our way home. It was an exciting evening. (P.S. Thankfully the whole project was uploaded on Friday by Jeanette who included some music into our presentation. Thanks Jeanette!)

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